Computer theftIt appears we are having a rash of thefts on the server. I am going through the log files to see if I can figure out a pattern. It is very sad that someone would come here and steal.
I have cleaned up the whitelist. If you have not been on the server within 5 days your account and all stats/playerdata will be removed.

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The site now has forums.

  • Galerst – Discuss anything pertaining to Galerest.
  • Riverside – Discuss anything pertaining to Riverside.
  • Whitelist Requests – Post your applications here.
  • Bans – All banned players will be listed here. Appeals may be posted here as well.

You must register on the site. Registration link is in the column to your left. Please register using your In Game Name.

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Server Status

I have added new server status widgets to the website.

It shows the settings for each server, how many are currently on the server, who is on the server, and their avatar head next to their name.

I used xPaw’s PHP-MinecraftQuery code and it works great.

I will be adding more features to the website.

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Welcome to!

We have started to host a Vanilla 1.8 Minecraft Server ( It is Whitelist only. You can apply by messaging me (k0demonkey) on Reddit.

There will be a forum area for discussing Minecraft and our Minecraft server.

This site will also be used to post things I find interesting.

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