Server now Whitelist Only

I am sorry to have to do this. I really wanted to keep the server open, but due to the actions of some individuals on this server we are now Whitelist Only. Several players have been banned. There will be no appeal for these players.

From this point forward if you show up on Fishbans as having a ban in place do not even bother applying to be whitelisted.



Minecraft 1.8.2 available

Minecraft 1.8.2 is now available!

From Mojang:

Only minor changes were made since pre-release 7 which was available since Monday. Version 1.8.2 is also fully compatible with all previous server versions (1.8 and 1.8.1), but we recommend to update to 1.8.2 as soon as possible to benefit from all bug fixes and improvements we made in the game.



Welcome to SEANCHAN. This is a new seed, new world. This server will run only this world.

I believe I was trying to run too many servers at once to appeal to too many people.

This server will always run the latest snapshot.

It is an OPEN Server. Please register on the site.